Iditarod Through the Decades

Check out this limited series from Mushing Radio about Iditarod Through the Decades:

Part 1: The 1960s

Part 2: The 1970s

Part 3: The 1980s

Part 4: The 1990s

Part 5: The Early 2000s

Part 6: The Late 2000s

Part 7: The Early 2010s

Part 8: The Late 2010s

Part 9: Our Favorite Stories

Part 10: The Future


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1925 Serum Run Podcast (Limited Series)

Check out the limited Series from Mushing Radio on the 1925 Serum Run:

Part 1: Nome

Part 2: The Dogs Begin to Run

Part 3: The Press Picks Up the Story

Part 4: The Trail Becomes Deadly

Part 5: Portage and the Spirits

Part 6: Howling Winds and the Hand-Off

Part 7: Togo Saves the Day

Part 8: Race Against the Storm

Part 9: Gunnar Kassen and Balto Make History

Part 10: The End of the Epidemic

Part 11: The Rest of the Story (part 1)

Part 12: The Rest of the Story (part 2)




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A Winter Alaskan’s First Summer Visit

I wrote a piece on my first visit to Alaska in the summer for the Mudflats.


You can read it by clicking here.

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Balto Film Festival!

I’m thrilled to announce that MUSH was voted Audience Choice for Best Feature Film at the Balto Film Festival in Seward, Alaska!


Thanks to everyone who came out and all the people involved with the festival!

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BALTO Film Festival

MUSH will be showing as part of the second annual Balto Film Festival in Seward, Alaska on Saturday, July 27.

I’ll be doing a Q&A after the screening so come by and say hi.

Details are here:

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MUSH Merch

For those of you who have been wanting M*U*S*H merch (logo shirts, photo shirts, mousepads, and more), check out the new M*U*S*H store on Cafe Press.

Click here for more…

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Mushing Radio Iditarod 41 Coverage

I was thrilled to cohost Mushing Radio’s Iditarod coverage with Robert Forto again this year on Radio Free Palmer and Dog Works Radio.

You can download the podcasts from the Mushing Radio website or below:

Preview Show

Day 1 coverage 

Day 2 coverage (featured musher: Joar Ulsom)

Day 3 coverage (featured musher: Cindy Abbott)

Day 4 coverage (featured musher: Aaron Peck)

Day 5 coverage (featured musher: Christine Roalofs)

Day 6 coverage (featured musher: Newton Marshall)

Day 7 coverage (featured musher: Allen Moore)

Day 8 coverage (featured musher: Mitch Seavey)

Day 9 coverage (featured musher: Kelley Griffin)

Day 10 coverage (featured musher: Nicholas Petit)

Day 11 coverage (featured musher: Justin Savidis)

Day 12 coverage (recapping Mitch Seavey’s victory; featured musher: Cindy Gallea)

Day 13 coverage (wrap-up show; featured musher: Paige Drobney)

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DVD Pre-Order

The DVD of M*U*S*H is available for pre-order.

Features over 25 minutes of bonus materials & a director’s commentary.


I’m throwing in free shipping (in the U.S.) for anyone who orders before the Red Lantern team finishes the 2013 Iditarod.

Update: Christine Roalofs finished the 2013 Iditarod as the Red Lantern, so the free shipping offer has officially expired — regular shipping is $3.00 for U.S. addresses.

Click here to order.

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New Trailer

In honor of M*U*S*H’s television premiere (on Alaska Public TV), here’s a new, short trailer.


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MUSH on The Mudflats

MUSH on The Mudflats

Here’s a brief article on the TV premiere from The Mudflats.

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