Official Sites:

Official Iditarod Site — start here for information on the race and its history, race updates, musher profiles, official Iditarod merchandise, special “Iditarod Insider” content, and mush much more.

The Nome Kennel Club — The world’s oldest sled dog organization… and the folks at the end of the Iditarod Trail in Nome.

Mush with P.R.I.D.E

The Iditarod Air Force — the amazing volunteer pilots who shuttle race officials, vets, supplies, and dogs that can’t continue the race up and down the trail.


Anchorage Daily News Iditarod coverage — great race coverage from Alaska’s largest newspaper.

Alaska Dispatch — Great race coverage (and home to Craig Medred, author of Graveyard of Dreams)

Iditablog — great information and podcasts with lots of terrific inside info.

The Mudflats — MUSH’s favorite Alaskan political blog.

Shannyn Moore: Just a Girl from Homer — Shannyn Moore’s website (although she also posts over at the Mudflats).

    Musher websites:

Sue Allen

Karin Hendrickson

Michael Suprenant

Martin Buser

Emil Churchin

Zoya DeNure

Sven Haltmann

Trent Herbst

Dee Dee Jonrowe

Dan Kaduce

Lance Mackey

Newton Marshall

Wattie McDonald

Hugh Neff

Colleen Robertia

Justin Savidis

Sebastian Schnuelle

Scott White

Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore

More Coming Soon

Have a link I missed? Email alexmstein *[AT]* gmail.


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