Mushing Radio Iditarod 41 Coverage

I was thrilled to cohost Mushing Radio’s Iditarod coverage with Robert Forto again this year on Radio Free Palmer and Dog Works Radio.

You can download the podcasts from the Mushing Radio website or below:

Preview Show

Day 1 coverage 

Day 2 coverage (featured musher: Joar Ulsom)

Day 3 coverage (featured musher: Cindy Abbott)

Day 4 coverage (featured musher: Aaron Peck)

Day 5 coverage (featured musher: Christine Roalofs)

Day 6 coverage (featured musher: Newton Marshall)

Day 7 coverage (featured musher: Allen Moore)

Day 8 coverage (featured musher: Mitch Seavey)

Day 9 coverage (featured musher: Kelley Griffin)

Day 10 coverage (featured musher: Nicholas Petit)

Day 11 coverage (featured musher: Justin Savidis)

Day 12 coverage (recapping Mitch Seavey’s victory; featured musher: Cindy Gallea)

Day 13 coverage (wrap-up show; featured musher: Paige Drobney)

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1 Response to Mushing Radio Iditarod 41 Coverage

  1. Robert Forto says:

    It was my pleasure, Alex. You are a great co-host and I hope we can do it again next year!

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